Maurice van ’t Loo

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IBM Belgium

Period: 2013-2018; duration 5.5 years

On the department "Strategic Outsourcing" in the BaaS team. This department serves customer environments who outsourced their environment to IBM.

Within the BaaS team is a large Shared Infra environment which contains over 30 customers on shared LAN, SAN, disk, tape, AIX/Linux infrastructure with combined dedicated as shared Spectrum Protect instances. In total there is over 18PB of data managed. Besides this, there are several customer dedicated environments, both at IBM as customer premises and a few customers where only third level support was done.

Team size varied up to 5 persons in Belgium and 7 persons in Poland.

I started at May 2013 as an extra member of the team. After 3 months promoted to 2nd man, within 9 months promoted to team leader.

My tasks were:


Current interest area's: