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[this page is under construction]

MAU.PACK is a collection of SQL selects to simplify the life of the TSM-admin.

The scripts are never changing anything on the system. In case something needs to be changed (updated, deleted) then the commands are shown to copy/paste to execute. With an exception for MAU.PACK.UPDATE.

The scripts are moved from this page to an external file. Don't link directlty to the txt-file, as the name changes with every new version.
Use this link to open a txt file containing the TSM commands to define the scripts.

Installation instructions:

  • Download and open the MAU.PACK file
  • Copy / Paste all commands via dsmadmc on the instance.
  • In case of a network of instances:
    • Copy / Paste all commands via dsmadmc on the Configuration Manager
    • define profile mau.pack
    • run mau.pack.update
    • On all managed servers: define subscription mau.pack server={configuration manager}


The scripts are free to use, change and distribute, but respect the developer and don't call them your own ;-)

* Created by Maurice van 't Loo,
* Version 15 - 05-11-2018 - Optimised for SP 8.1.6

* hhhh = amount of hours
* dddd = amount of days

MAU.1401                Count errors. usage: run mau.1401 hhhh - Mount request denied for volume xxx - mount failed.
MAU.2088                Count errors. usage: run mau.2088 hhhh - An I/O error ocurred while reading container xxx in storage pool xxx.
MAU.4847                Count errors. usage: run mau.4847 hhhh - REPLICATE NODE detected an extent with ID on container xxx that is marked damaged.
MAU.4852                Count errors. usage: run mau.4852 dddd - PROTECT STGPOOL detected damaged extents on container
MAU.8311                Count errors. usage: run mau.8311 hhhh - An I/O error occurred while accessing drive xxx for ...
MAU.8355                Count errors. usage: run mau.8355 hhhh - I/O error reading label for volume xxx in drive xxx name.
MAU.8359                Count errors. usage: run mau.8359 hhhh - Media fault detected on xxx volume xxx in drive xxx of library xxx.
MAU.8381                Count errors. usage: run mau.8381 hhhh - Volume xxx could not be mounted in drive yyy.
MAU.8779                Count errors. usage: run mau.8779 hhhh - Unable to open drive xxx, error number=xxx.
MAU.8944                Count errors. usage: run mau.8944 hhhh - Hardware or media error on drive xxx with volume xxx (OP=...
MAU.ERROR               Show errors in the last {hours}
MAU.PROCHIST            History of processes in last $1 days
MAU.SPY                 See cmds of last 24h
MAU.SPY.ON              See cmds of last 24h of $1
MAU.SPY.S               See cmds of last 24h, no STORAGE, no USIBRSID

MAU.ADSCHED             Show basic info of Admin schedules
MAU.ACTPOL              Activate Policies
MAU.CLIENTLEVEL         Displays an overview of all nodes sorted by TSM clientlevel
MAU.COPY                Displays an overview of all backup and archive copygroups
MAU.DEST.FROMTO         Update destinations of copygroups from $1 to $2
MAU.DOM                 Q DOM replacement
MAU.NODE.NOSCHED        Nodes without schedule
MAU.OBJPMND             Show amount of objects per month in TSM, show old DB2, SAP and Oracle data
MAU.OLDFS               Show old filespaces
MAU.OLDNODES            Show old nodes
MAU.Q.SCHED             Q SCHED replacement
MAU.UNLOCK              Unlock and reset password for locked nodes
MAU.VM.LASTBACKUP       Last backup of VM backups
MAU.VM.SEARCH           Search a VM

MAU.ABUSE               Compare FS space with OCC space
MAU.AUDITOCC            Auditocc replacement based on OCC
MAU.DATA.7DAYS          Average speed and total amount of GB of last 7 days
MAU.DATALF.7DAYS        Average speed and total amount of GB of last 7 days over Lan/LanFree
MAU.DATA.BIGGEST        Average speed and amount of GB of biggest backups/archives in the last 7 days
MAU.DATA.NODE           Average speed and ingest for node $1 of last $2 days
MAU.DELPENDING          Delete pending volumes
MAU.DISMOUNT            Dismount all mounted drives
MAU.DR.ONLINE           Put drives on/offline $1=yes (online) or no (offline)
MAU.FILES               Q files replacement, $1 is nodename
MAU.LIB.OWNER           Show amount of libvols per library per owner
MAU.LIB.RECREATE        Delete and redefine libr, drvs, paths
MAU.LIBVOL.PRI.TO.SCR   Try to set Private Libvol's to Scratch
MAU.NAS                 Show NAS backup status
MAU.PATHS               Create paths, $1=sta/libclient
MAU.PATHS.COPY          Copy paths from drive $1 to drive $2 with device $3
MAU.PATHS.DEL           Delete paths, $1=sta/libclient
MAU.Q.DEV               Find devicename or drivename
MAU.Q.LASTMOUNT         Search for last successful mount on volumes, drive or device
MAU.Q.OFFLINE           Show offline paths and drives
MAU.Q.RECLAIM           Show amount of volumes below $1 % utilised
MAU.Q.AUDITOCC          Q AUDITOCC replacement
MAU.Q.STG               Show extra stgpool parameters
MAU.VOL.MOSTEMPTY       Find most empty volume

MAU.AUDIT.CONTAINER     Show audit commands for all containers who are not AVAILALE or PENDING
MAU.AUDIT.RESULT        Gives results of audits in last $1 hours
MAU.NG.REPLICATE.ADD    Add nodes to REPLICATE nodegroup
MAU.SAVINGS             Show dedup and compression ratio and savings
MAU.SAVINGS.LOW         Show dedup and compression ratio and savings
MAU.SAVINGS.NODE        Show dedup and compression ratio and savings of a node
MAU.SAVINGS.SESS        Show dedup and compression ratio and savings of a session number

MAU.COLLOC.NODES        Show tape and space usage per node for collocgr $1
MAU.COLLOC.USAGE        Show tape and space usage per colloc per stgpool

MAU.PACK.UPDATE         Update profile MAU.PACK with updates and new scripts.
MAU.Q.SERVER            Show servers(sta)