Maurice van ’t Loo

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Lists for automatic data collection done by headhunters.

The end customers (alphabetic):

Large companies

  • AirFrance / KLM
  • Akzo Nobel
  • Atlas Copco
  • Atos Origin
  • BT – British Telecom
  • Carrefour
  • Corus Staal BV
  • EPO – European Patent Organisation
  • Essent
  • Honda Motors Company
  • IBM Nederland
  • IBM Belgium
  • ING Investment Management
  • Jumbo Supermarkten
  • Nuon
  • Philips
  • Rabobank
  • Shell
  • Simac
  • Solvay
  • SLTN
  • Telegraaf, Dagblad de
  • UWV
  • Verkeer en Waterstaat, Ministerie van
  • Volker Wessels

Midsize companies

  • Abbott / Mylan
  • ABN AMRO Capitals
  • ABN AMRO Lease
  • Baxter
  • CeHaVe
  • CNB
  • Daiken
  • DAS Nederlandse Rechtsbijstand
  • Devoteam
  • DHV
  • Dockwise
  • DSB Bank
  • Epson Europe BV
  • Friesland Bank, De
  • Hydron (Flevoland & Utrecht)
  • Hydron Zuid-Holland
  • i3-Groep
  • Infonet Nederland BV
  • Isabel
  • Kas Bank
  • Mitsubishi
  • Omron
  • Overlease
  • OVG Real Estate
  • RCI Financial Services
  • Renault Nissan Financial Services BV
  • SLTN
  • Stiho
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Vitens
  • Waterschap AA en Maas
  • Waterschap Peel en Maasvallei
  • Wessanen, Royal
  • Western Power Distribution (UK)

Small companies

  • Aannemersbedrijf Jongen BV
  • Ebro Armaturen
  • Swets & Zeilinger, Royal

The assignments


  • Implementation of NSM’s.
  • Installation and configuration on AIX4.3 till AIX7.1, Windows NT till Windows 2018, several kinds of Linux; including disk-array’s.
  • Installation and configuration of tape libraries within SP and by library console’s; single drive DLT’s till IBM TS4500 LTO Library’s, TS11x0/3494 and StorageTec library’s. Experience with “logical libraries”, SCSI and SAN connected.
  • Installation and configuration of network parts on the server; 100Mbps till 10Gbps Ethernet, 1 till 16bps SAN fibre Channel.
  • Configuration IBM ESS Shark till DS3/DS5 series, V3700 and V7000, EMC2 Clariion & DMX and NetApp on the SP server. (also NDMP)
  • Installation and configuration of disk arrays. (IBM, HP/Compaq, Promise en “custom” array’s)
  • Installation and configuration of SP Servers 3.7 till 8.1.6 in single and multi-server environments (DRM, Twin-Centre), in Unix and Windows clusters. TSM Express 5.3.7 for “small” Windows environment once.
  • Installation and configuration SP Clients on AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Netware 4 t/m 6, Windows 95 till Windows 10 and Windows NT4 till Windows 2018R2.
  • Installation and configuration DRM. Including custom scripts for tape handling.
  • Installation self-developed scripts as a replacement and/or addition to DRM. (Unix shell scripts, Windows batch script, Perl, PHP)
  • Installation self-developed scripts for reporting. (AIX, Windows and Linux Shell scripts and HTML/PHP)
  • Installation self-developed Admin scripts on SP Server and platforms.
  • Installation BMC Backtrack modules.
  • Installation several self-developed scripts for tape-management for BMC Backtrack.
  • Installation, configuration and extended use of TSMManager.

Problem determination

  • Track and reporting of hardware problems in tape libraries and drives.
  • Track and reporting of problems in networks.
  • Track and solving of problems in SAN networks.
  • Track and solving of problems in SP configurations.
  • Track and solving of problems in SP Server and clients. (configuration errors)
  • Track and reporting of problems in SP Server and clients. (binary errors) Worked intensively with IBM LAB, Lvl-3 support and Jason Basler.
  • Database restores after SP crash.
  • SP Server total recoveries. (with and without DRM)

Performance Tuning

  • Track and solving of performance issues in SP servers, networks, OS’s, disk systems.


  • Check and tune Admin and Client schedules.
  • Check and tune system load.
  • Tuning of SP Servers, Clients and TDP modules.
  • Updates/upgrades of SP Servers, Clients and TDP modules.

Project and/or Project lead

  • Lead SP/BaaS teams.
  • Projectlead SP matters.
  • BaaS/SP Architecture.
  • Separate tuned backup network for Backup/Restore on Ethernet.
  • Server Free Backup/Restore in SAN environment.
  • LAN Free restores with use of Backupsets.
  • BaaS/SP architecture and implementation of Archive system; demands: System and database of +/- 6TB data able to recover in 3 hours, mid 2001. (!!)
  • BaaS/SP Redesign.
  • SP migrations, same platform and cross platform.
  • Tape free SP Server. (only disk to disk, local and by WAN)
  • Single-drive SP environments.
  • Single-system SP environments. (SP on same system as production)
  • Upgrade projects of whole SP environments, libraries, SAN’s, Disk systems.
  • Help with defining “One way of working”
  • Writing cookbooks/standardisation

Additional knowledge

  • SAN switches and disk systems.
  • In growing way: GPFS and Object Storage. (cloud)
  • Several tape libraries, normal and virtual.
  • Deduplication systems like IBM ProtecTier. And knowledge about dedup methods.
  • Tooling like TSMManager and ServerGraph.
  • ITIL
  • Cooperate with Business Analysists.
  • HTML / PHP / MySQL / Perl / jQuery / Javascript
  • Webdesign and webtooling.

Hobbies and extra info

  • Driving my motorcycles.
  • Kickboxing (no fighting, just the training, I’m not physically aggressive in nature)
  • Programming
  • Wall climbing
  • Hiking, backpacking
  • Mensa member (IQ: 143+)
  • Frequent visitor of TSM Symposium.
  • Was beta tester of TSM 6.1.
  • Languages: Dutch (excellent) English (fluent) German (reasonably) Spanish (learning)