Maurice van ’t Loo

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The existing TSM environment was already managed by me for quiet some time. Because of the grow of the production environment, there were some bigger changes needed on the backup environment and because of this, budget came available for the redesign.

De bestaande TSM omgeving wordt al geruime tijd door mij beheerd. Vanwege groei in productie omgeving waren aanpassingen nodig op de backup omgeving en kwam er budget vrij voor gewenste redesign.

  • Splits the TSM server into two active locations in stead of active / standby.
  • Reconfiguration of the existing storage plus extention with 2x DS3500.
  • Upgrade TSM to version 6.3
  • From disk/tape/tape-exchange to disk as primary local storage and tape offside; no tape-exchange needed anymore.