Maurice van ’t Loo

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IBM Belgium

Period: 2013-2018; duration 5.5 years

On the department "Strategic Outsourcing" in the BaaS team. This department serves customer environments who outsourced their environment to IBM.

Within the BaaS team is a large Shared Infra environment which contains over 30 customers on shared LAN, SAN, disk, tape, AIX/Linux infrastructure with combined dedicated as shared Spectrum Protect instances. In total there is over 18PB of data managed. Besides this, there are several customer dedicated environments, both at IBM as customer premises and a few customers where only third level support was done.

Team size varied up to 5 persons in Belgium and 7 persons in Poland.

I started at May 2013 as an extra member of the team. After 3 months promoted to 2nd man, within 9 months promoted to team leader.

My tasks were:

  • Lead, coach and train both the teams in Belgium as in Poland. I treat them as one big team on two locations.
  • BaaS Architect, within budgets and compliancy regulations I could decide about the BaaS landscape, both in hardware as within Spectrum Protect.
  • Lead-SME and Level 5 engineer, as most senior and only level-5 engineer (what is the highest expert level), I handle the technical issues and questions where others have too much problems to solve or answer them.
  • System, SAN and storage engineer, as we maintainted our own systems, I had to manage the Brocade SAN switches, SVC/Spectrum Scale, V7000/V5030 Storwize, A9000K/F700 flash systems, TS3500/TS4500 tape systems and AIX and Linux systems.


  • Designed, documented and build a new BaaS environment based on latest techniques of SP 8.1.6 like “inline deduplication” and “replication” on a mixture of disk and tape storage including the use of iSCSI connected storage.
  • Redesign of the tape landscape to solve stability, performance and capacity issues.
  • Defined a global design for all Spectrum Protect environments handled by our team. Did 75% of the transformation, the rest by team members.
  • Redesign for fail-over and to make the SP Instances flexible transportable.
  • Created a design for SP in Softlayer cloud environment
  • Hardware refreshes for Power servers (AIX)
  • Hardware refreshes in disk systems; DS6000 to V7000 and refreshes of tape libraries; TS3310, TS3500 and TS4500
  • Designs for new customer environments
  • A lot of knowledge transfers and trainings to Polish colleagues.
  • Internal presentations, customer presentations
  • Presentation on prestigious TSM Symposium 2015 about more advanced usage of SQL selects within Spectrum Protect
  • Started with three most junior engineers in Poland, build a well running machine with seven engineers on different levels with enough skills to maintain the whole environment.
  • Merged two BaaS teams to a single team with well communications and atmosphere and willing to help each other.
  • Reduced the big walls between technical departments to much more open and earlier communication.
  • Reduced the number of daily incidents with over 95%. Reduced the number of call-outs with over 90%.
  • Created Perl based platform for checks, monitoring and reporting.

Current interest area's:

  • New storage platform for SP data on GPFS or on/off-premises Object Storage as a competition for tape.
  • Self-service portal
  • Alternating DB backups to save 45% on used DB Backup storage.