Maurice van ’t Loo

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IBM Netherlands

Period: 2009-2011; duration 1.5 year.

Department of IBM where several big customers outsource their IT environment, the Storage department is responsible for TSM Server side (advisor for client side), SAN network + switches, SAN attached disk storage systems, NAS systems (nSeries/NetApp) and tape libraries.

  • Backup Clusterlead of Storage Department – Technical decision maker, making and applying standards. Responsible for documentation.
  • Lead Service Engineer of Ministerie van Verkeer and Waterstaat (Dutch ministry of transport and public works) – Account responsible for everything about storage, single point of contact, storage infrastructure responsible and co-determinative with account lead architect.
  • SPOC Bocada NL – As single point of contact responsible for backup monitoring and reporting tool Bocada for all Dutch Bocada users.
  • Senior Specialist – TSM Architecture, advanced problem determination, advanced projects, performance tuning within the standards, programmer in TSM Scripting, shell scripting, Perl. Disaster recovery tests on fall-back location.
  • Hobbyist – Programmer of several tools to speed up default tasks in Perl and Visual Basic. (non-payed, by hobby and frustration)

Translated quote of firstline manager Storage Peter Sterrenberg: “Maurice is somebody who invests in the big picture of the customer/environment where he is working in. He is critical but also deliver solutions for the “problems” he sees, technically well-made and keeps knowledge always up-to-date, this happens with a high degree of enthusiasm towards his colleagues to also gain the knowledge or to share. Maurice is independent in the performance of his duties towards his employer and flexible. Maurice can cope well with (delegate) responsibility. Hard skills are what one would expect the level of a senior specialist with work experience. Soft skills are at level.”