Maurice van ’t Loo

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Volker Wessels ICT

Outsourced IT at IBM has been returned back to Volker Wessels ICT and they needed resources to manage the running systems. Since I had worked a lot on this account via IBM Netherlands, I was the designated person to manage the backup systems. The IT management was taken over by all the separate parts of Volker Wessels and Volker Wessels ICT would cease to exist by 01/01/2012.

My task was to manage the backups, improve performance and reduce the incidents.

  • TSM Server stripped of IBM standards and increased efficiency.
  • Large investments were able to occur without penalties to safety and performance.
  • Consolidate (halving the number) of TSM Servers without any loss in safety and performance. Completely without any incident.
  • Number of TSM incidents per month reduced with 95%.